Definition of invalidating

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2.7 As social work does not operate in a vacuum, the programme should take account of the impact of interacting cultural, economic, communication, social, political and psychological global factors.2.8 Provision of an educational preparation that is relevant to beginning social work professional practice with individuals, families, groups and/or communities in any given context.2.3 Identification of the programme’s instructional methods, to ensure they support the achievement of the cognitive and affective development of social work students.

Given the centrality of the process- product dialectic, and the fact that the principles underscoring the standards emerged, to a large extent, out of the processes, it is vital that the standards are read in conjunction with Appendices A and B.He urged them to rise and join in the destruction of the white invaders.We know right from wrong because the destruction is plain in human experience.Appendix B provides the concluding comments and discusses the kinds of caution that must be exercised in the use of the document.Having duly considered all the concerns expressed in Appendices A and B, and having considered the need to take into account context-specific realities, and the ambiguities surrounding the education and practice of social work professionals, this document details nine sets of standards in respect of: the school’s core purpose or mission statement; programme objectives and outcomes; programme curricula including fieldwork; core curricula; professional staff; social work students; structure, administration, governance and resources; cultural diversity; and social work values and ethics.

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1.2 Reflects the values and the ethical principles of social work.